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Enjoy this new short video explaining Jennifer's painting process.



For the past several months I've been working on my exhibition for Canada House Gallery - the new pieces will be posted on their website next week. I've also been working with friend /musician/ film maker/fellow explorer Glenn Thorpe (Back-Forty Productions) on a short video about my painting process for the Canada House Youtube channel A huge thanks to Glenn for his expertise, creativity, and patience!

Posted by Annesley Studio on Friday, 4 March 2016


International Artist Magazine Grand Prize 

"Alpine Prospects" | Watercolour | 28 x 38” (42 x 52” framed) has been accepted through two juries to be featured in International Artist Magazine's April/May landscape issue. This piece is based on a sunset I was lucky to see while staying at the Alpine Club of Canada's Elizabeth Parker Hut at Lake O'Hara . Thunder rolled in from the west, while last light illuminated the spectacular peaks of Yoho National Park, reflected in the perfectly still kettle pond near the hut; the calm before the storm. It will be part of "The Architecture of Landscape" exhibition at Canada House Gallery April 6-19.



The Architecture of Landscape, Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition  |  Canada House Gallery, Banff Alberta  |  Artist's Reception: April 16, 2016

An exploration of the architectural qualities of landscape, in terms of structure, strength, line, and geometry, and how architecture relates to its surroundings, the landscape.  Our terminology of mountains especially uses architectural language ie. spire, castle, buttress, fortress, column, cathedral and so on, and it feels natural to use these terms when experiencing the mountains. The theory of Prospect and Refuge is a secondary theme of many of the works, that humans are most comfortable when they have the capacity to observe (prospect) without being seen (refuge,) - being protected while having a view. The exhibition will be comprised of both landscapes and architecture, and a small number of still lifes in architectural settings.

"Ascent" draws from our scramble up to Abbott Pass Hut near Lake O'Hara Lodge in Yoho National Park (The 2nd-highest permanently habitable structure in Canada At 9598 ft., straddling the Great divide between B.C. and Alberta Alpine Club of Canada.) The ascent up quartzite ledges and scree gullies is steep but the views are dizzying and well worth the effort. I hoped to capture the feeling of vertigo, looking down some 2100 ft. to the lake, with an impending autumn storm rolling in from the west - the precariousness of position and weather. From the emerald jewel of Lake Oesa at the bottom, the eye ascends the shoulders of Glacier & Ringrose Peaks to Mt. Biddle towering in the background. Fleeting shards of light contrast with shadowy pinnacles looming like gargoyles on a cathedral.

Preview #7  |  "Century"  Charcoal  |  36 x 18"  for the 22nd Annual Annesley Exhibition is now posted.  For your invitation, (mailed or emailed in October) email us with your contact information.