24th Annual Exhibition, the Follow-Up


Finally, there is time to come up for air after the annual exhibition, which opened on November 9th at Edmonton's Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.  That morning we hauled 31 paintings to the exhibition space and spent the next 4.5 hour installing, lighting and labeling  them with our team of four.  Flowers, furniture, music, were arranged, a purchase desk assembled, details obsessed over, then we retreated to our rooms for a short break before meeting our larger volunteer team at 4:30 and opening the doors at 5:00 p.m. At 10:00 p.m. the whole process is done in reverse, and the entire installation is moved back to my studio in the morning.



The exhibition went very smoothly, except for the complete technical meltdown whereby we couldn't get our online exhibition running at 5:00 as promised (!)  It didn't get solved until around 8:00, so my apologies to those who were let down.  We will do better next year.


The evening is the premier of the 2017 paintings - the first 5 hours when the public can view the work.  Over the next few weeks, the available paintings will be shown at my studio and at Canada House Gallery in Banff. Contact us to make arrangements for viewing.

Finally, a thank you to all of my volunteers, guests, collectors, and travelers, and the many businesses I work with to make it happen. 

Although we are all exhausted and it seems a long way off, we're very much looking forward to next year's 25th Anniversary Exhibition, "Silver."