Exhibition Update

Edinburgh Web.jpg

The 24th Annual Exhibition "Scotland" is approaching fast.  Though it seems like November 9th is a long way off, there are a thousand details to accomplish between now and then.  In addition to finishing the paintings (just a minor detail!) frames need to be ordered, an e-invitation designed and mailed, hotel catering details finalized, volunteers confirmed.  I finished designing the invitations which are currently at the printer - with a press check next week and a stuffing bee to follow, they should be in the mail in the first week of October.  When the paintings are completely finished, I photograph them for my archive, then frame them all over a few days.  Then it's pricing, titling and packaging them up for the short trip through the valley to the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald on the morning of the show, but more on that later. The next preview image will be posted on October 9.