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Yes, prices are consistent regardless of the venue. There may be minor variations due to different framing or transportation costs.

Do the prices include frames? >

Yes, all work has museum quality framing.

How can we make a purchase? >

In Edmonton, purchases can be made from Annesley Studio by contacting us through email or by telephone. In Banff, Alberta, Canada House Gallery carries a comprehensive selection. 1.403.762.3757 Both venues ship worldwide.

Can I make a purchase online from this website? >

We do not sell the original paintings through the website, but rather welcome you to contact us regarding any of the paintings listed on the site. Online purchasing of cards is available through the Papershop.

Which methods of payment do you accept? >

We accept all major credit cards, apple pay, paypal or cheque.

Can I pay with installments? >

Yes, monthly payment plans can be arranged.

Where can we see your work in Edmonton? >

The best way to see Annesley's work in Edmonton is at her annual exhibition held at the Hotel Macdonald each November. Join our guest list.

You are welcome to visit Annesley Studio any time of year by appointment.

This website is updated daily to ensure all available work is displayed.

Are all available paintings presented on this website? >

Almost. All paintings available at Annesley Studio in Edmonton or Canada House Gallery in Banff are shown in the available paintings section of this website.

The exception is when preparing for an exhibition, the new work is not available until the exhibition opens, and at Canada House Gallery, about 1 month in advance of an opening.


How long does it take to finish a painting? >

It varies wildly, so please refer to this blog post for an attempt at an answer

Will watercolour fade? >

All paintings are susceptible to fading to some extent, but with proper protection, UV damage can be mitigated. Watercolour is made from the exact same pigments as oil or acrylic paints. Some pigments are more lightfast than others, and Annesley uses the most stable pigments possible. In addition, her work is protected by Conservation Clear Glass, which eliminates 98% of UV rays to ensure your painting stays vibrant for generations.

Does watercolour paper have the same longevity as canvas? >

Watercolour paper is incredibly durable, acid free, and made of 100% cotton. If cared for properly, it is just as durable as canvas.


Do you teach? >

Not at this time.