Upcoming Exhibitions

“Sunshine” | Charcoal | 30 x 21” (42 x 33 framed”)

“Sunshine” | Charcoal | 30 x 21” (42 x 33 framed”)

Art Live! at Canada House Gallery

August 17, 2019 | 201 Bear Street, Banff, Canada
A group show featuring 6 artists, each demonstrating their creative processes. Stayed tuned for further information.

26th Annual Exhibition

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald | November 7, 2019 Edmonton
An Edmonton tradition since 1994, the exhibition will be composed of Jennifer’s 2019 architectural, landscape and still life paintings, pushing the physical and visual boundaries of watercolor, charcoal and perspective.


Solo Exhibition at Canada House Gallery, April 2020

Jennifer’s 5th major exhibition at the gallery, the exhibition will show her most recent work, exploring the landscape and architecture of Western Canada.

"Plate Tectonics" Exhibition (TREX)

September 2018 to September 2020.  A travelling exhibit produced by the Art Gallery of Alberta and funded by Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  5 Alberta artists were chosen, each exhibiting 4 landscape paintings representative of a wide spectrum of styles and philosophies.

The AFA's Travelling Exhibition (TREX) program strives to ensure every Albertan is provided with an opportunity to enjoy fully developed exhibitions in schools, libraries, health care centres and smaller rural institutions and galleries throughout the province. Here is a link to the current TREX exhibition http://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/trex For more information, visit the AFA website.

*These pieces are now available for purchase, with possession in September 2020.