New Landscape on its way to Banff

I have recently finished one of two new charcoals for Canada House Gallery in Banff, just in time for Christmas.  Entitled "Black and Whyte"  (after the Mt. Whyte, the prominent peak on the right,) I wanted to convey the strange way light can bounce around in the winter.  The shadows drift across fresh snow, creating movement and shape while contrasting with the bright sunlight on the mountains.  The snow seems almost to be lit from within, as it so often can on a crisp winter's day.  I almost titled it "Many States of Water" (not entirely fetching) as there is the ancient ice of Victoria glacier, the new ice of the Lake Louise, the fresh running water of Louise Creek, frost on the trees, and of course snow.  Oh yes, and clouds.   There was probably ice fog and crystals too, as it was -28 celcius the when I was standing in this spot!  

Stay tuned for the next new charcoal...The Banff Springs. 

"Black and Whyte" Charcoal & Gouache   |   image size 29 x 18" (framed size 43 x 32")   |   $4300.00