Exhibition Madness

Dear Blog-ary, it has been many months since I’ve last posted…

The summer of 2019 flew by, marked by a fantastic kayak trip to the Broughton Archipelago on the west coast of Vancouver Island and enroute, a few long-overdue visits with friends. We saw all manner of land, sea and sky creatures while paddling through a maze of islands and soaking in the beauty of the coastal landscape. We were accompanied by the gentle sound of paddles in water, and the (somewhat) louder song of laughter and conversation from our paddling companions. Back in Edmonton, we had little time for much other than work, but since we both love our work it is no sacrifice. That said, now that fall is here, I’m lamenting the dirth of outdoor pursuits compared to other years but looking forward to the winter ones ahead.

“Archipelago” | Watercolour (34.5 x 25" framed) | Available on Nov. 7 at the 26th Annual Exhibition

“Archipelago” | Watercolour (34.5 x 25" framed) | Available on Nov. 7 at the 26th Annual Exhibition

Art Live | Canada House Gallery

Another highlight of summer was painting live at Canada House Gallery in Banff alongside four other gallery artists in August. It was a little daunting at first as I am accustomed to painting in solitude, but everyone had great questions and observations, and seemed genuinely interested in the process. (Robert Lemay, Kerry Langlois, Terry McCue and Sheila Kernan) I discovered that painting in public wasn’t the hive-inducing exercise I thought it might be, (and hopefully not painstakingly dull for the audience) but rather one of good conversation, connection, and great fun.

Photo Credit:  Shawna Lemay

Photo Credit: Shawna Lemay

International Juried Exhibitions

And then autumn came, and I was honoured to be accepted into 3 major international juried exhibitions: the Federation of Canadian Artists “Limitless” exhibition, The Federation of Canadian Artists “AIRS” exhibition, and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour 94th annual “Open Water” exhibition. I won’t go into detail about each competition here but suffice to say, it was a flurry of framing, filling out forms and shipping. (For more information visit the current exhibition page.) I was a bit disappointed to miss travelling to the openings, but alas, preparations for my annual November exhibition are all-consuming this time of year.

“N.O.L.A.” charcoal | 10.5 x 30”

“N.O.L.A.” charcoal | 10.5 x 30”


“Crema” Watercolour | 14 x 9” (22.5 x 18" framed) | CSPWC Open Water Exhibition, Leighton Centre, Calgary | Sept. 28 - Oct. 27 2019
”Crema” will be available at the 26th annual exhibition on November 7.

“N.O.L.A.” (Charcoal, 10 x 29.5”)
Sept. 30 - Oct. 18, 2019 | Federation Gallery
1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, B.C.

I am grateful to Canada House Gallery for parting with this piece for the Federation of Canadian Artist’s “A.I.R.E” exhibition. I don’t normally enter paintings that are at the gallery but since acceptance into these competitions is always a long shot , I took the chance as a last minute thing, fully expecting a rejection letter. After the end of the exhibition, it will be returning to the gallery in time for “Joy” the annual Christmas Exhibition on November 29. (more on that later.)

Alpine Club of Canada Mountain Guides Ball

I have donated “Winter’s Keep” (giclée reproduction #30 of 50) to the Alpine Club of Canada’s annual Mountain Guide’s Ball Silent Auction, in support of the ACC’s environment fund. Online bidding closes at 9:15 October 19. There are lots of great things to bid on besides art - gear, books, outdoor experiences, accomodations etc… For more information on the ACC and the important work they do, visit Alpine Club of Canada.

Winter's Keep.jpg

26th Annual Exhibition

This brings us to the next major happening, the 26th Annual one-night exhibition held at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton on November 7. I am feverishly finishing the paintings, ordering frames, and juggling the myriad of details required to bring the show to life. It is still a scary and stressful time, even after 25 years. Certainly there are tasks that get easier and more efficient, but time saved on one detail gets spent on another self-imposed bright idea (or not,) so the level of complexity in the preparations seems to grow each year. Hopefully the result is a pleasurable evening for everyone who attends, whether they are collectors, art appreciators and supporters, or volunteers.

26th Annual banner.jpg

The preview is almost complete, with one more painting to be released for online viewing on Thursday, Oct. 24 for a total of 6. The exhibition will be comprised of 26 paintings, unveiled and available for purchase at 5:00 p.m. November 7. If you are new to the exhibition and wish to receive an invitation, contact us. (*Please note, the hotel is not a sponsor or host of the exhibition, and any questions about the event should be directed to Annesley Studio.) If you are coming from out of town or would just like to have a micro-holiday, we have arranged for a special rate at the hotel. Enquire here

My feeling is that after this divisive and attention-stealing soul-eviscerating federal election campaign, we will all need an evening out to simply enjoy each other’s company in the company of paintings in beautiful surroundings. Hope to see you there.